Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular Exhibition Systems Design, Build And Manage

At Radon Exhibitions, we extend an impressive range of durable, flexible and easily reconfigurable modular exhibition systems that draw visitors’ attention at the show while providing your business with a leading edge in competition.

Quality and Precision

The booths are designed with utmost precision and highest standards of manufacturing, strict quality assurance and quality construction that renders these booths durable as well. Radon exhibition creates modular exhibition stands using finest quality self locking panels and/ or lightweight aluminum  extrusion plus aluminum frames, laminates of exceptionally good quality and other durable and classy elements. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the booth remains lightweight and helps ensure substantial cost cutting on shipping, warehousing, etc.  

Flexibility and Ease of Reconfiguration 

Moreover, modular exhibition systems are intrinsically flexible in comparison to any other kinds of booth, which makes them easily reconfigurable to accommodate various booth sizes, signage, and required functionality to meet your business needs and goals for smaller as well as larger exhibitions and shows. 

Why Radon?

We bring to you the powerhouse of creativity and booth design intelligence by means of our highly gifted and talented graphic designers, craftsperson, booth designers, visualizers and builders to help you stand out in a crowd and fetch more audiences to your booth at the upcoming event that you plan to attend. Our veteran booth designers and builders have mastered the art of building intricate yet intriguing back walls, modular platforms, display niches, ledges, expandable podiums, and other objects. 

How We Do It?

From conceptualizing your booth design, building the booths, shipping at the venue, setting up, illuminating the display walls with lights, screens etc., gently and smartly disintegrating the booth after the show is over, and assisting with warehousing and storage as well as on-site supervision and overall exhibition management, Radon Exhibitions is your one stop destination for complete exhibition management solutions and services in Poland. 

Simply put, we are here to take all the pains to help you get noticed with exhibit booths that magnetize audiences, leave a lasting impression and etch your brand name on their minds. Please visit our gallery to catch a glimpse of the amazing work we’ve done for our esteemed clients so far.